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CCP don't only treat Chinese like this. People in western societies. They are approaching you!


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♥ How do you think about the coronavirus? do you know China?

Chinese Communist Party(CCP), The terrorist organization with 90 million member, controled by several hundreds of power families, on behalf of Chinese through 7 dregs of humanity, with several Satan in it,in the name of serving citizens, kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese. who, at the beginning establishment time of autocratic regime, believe in communistlism,in fact, is cancer of human civilization.

They deprive personal properties.

They made several tens of millions of Chinese starve to death.

They killed several thousands of students who peacefully protested for democrady in Jun. 4, 1989 with army, tanks.

They killed 0.4 billion fetuses with one child policy.

They killed people with religion belief through live organ harvest.

They chained several million XinJiang people to concentration camp.

They assassinated 7 thousands of HongKonger who peacefully protest for democracy, freedom.

They deprive freedom of speech from Chinese.

They censor all the social media.

They demolish churches.

They persecute human rights lawyers.

They built large scale computer firewall system for blocking free flow of information on internet.

They fool their people with lies day and day, year and year.

They censorship Chinese through billions of cameras over the country; Face recognition is everywhere.

They BGY1 all kinds of international organization like INTERPOL, WHO, Vatican. Tedros's speaking about coronavirus in China have undoubtedly proved it.

They are trying building a slavery country with high technology controled.

They treat their people, Chinese, as animals.

They overlord 1.4 billion with just lies and violence.

The coronavirus, biological weapon, was released by the evil organization. they opened Pandora's box...

BGY: or Blue-Gold-Yellow: Black-mail with one’s dark secrets (Blue); Bribery with fortune or common interests (Gold); and Seduction with sensual lust (Yellow).

Live organ harvest. China, Vice-president, Life long, Anti-corroption, Head officier, Family real estate, Outside of China, USA.

Steve Bannon, Chinese people's best friend.

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♥ New Federal State of China Flag
June 4th, 2020

new china

♥ Declaration of the New Federal State of China


It is the Whistleblower’s Movement that has brought us together! In order to realize the Rule of Law, Democracy, and Freedom in the New Federal State of China, we have established the Himalaya Supervisory Organization(1).During the past 3 years, the Whistleblower's Movement, led by Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Stephen K·Bannon, has exposed the illegitimacy and true evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)(2)and its deceptions. The Himalaya Supervisory Organization is a voluntary Non-Governmental Organization with no political affiliation of any kind. It is recognized by the international community and protected by International Law(3)along with the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society. It will serve as a bridge of communications between the New Federal State of China(4)and international communities in areas of cooperation, defending people’s freedom, and protecting the security of assets on the basis of common development and mutual respect among the people of the whole world.

Our Mission to Take Down the CCP
The Chinese Communist Party is a terrorist organization funded by the Communist International which has subverted the legitimate Chinese government in the past. Totalitarian rule in China has caused horrific atrocities against humanity, total disregard for human rights, the destruction of humanity, trampled all over democracy, violated the rule of law, dishonored lawful agreements, caused great bloodshed in Hong Kong, and the exported corruption across the globe. Recently, it unleashed a biological attack on the free countries of the world with the CCP-Virus (the COVID-19 virus), which poses a serious threat to the health and survival of all human beings. The crimes it has committed are too heinous to be tolerated!

The elimination of the Chinese Communist Party is essential in breaking the shackles of slavery imposed on the Chinese people, and also in bringing about peace to the world. The New Federal State of China, as a country without the Chinese Communist Party, will be able to fulfil the needs of all Chinese people as well as ensure the prosperity of the world.

The Vision of the New Federal State of China
It is suggested that the New Federal State of China should draw up a Constitution in reference to the democratic and legal systems of the West, and any relevant international laws. It should be conducted under the supervision of international institutions and the Himalaya Supervisory Organization. Government bodies will be established according to the principle of ‘one person one vote’ and the separation of executive branch, legislative bodies, and judicial systems(5). An electoral and impeachment system should be set up in coexistence to ensure the efficiency of operations so as to avoid substantial social chaos and disasters brought about by the rule of man.

The new Constitution(6)will include the following protections:

  1. Human rights, rule of law, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and private property rights which are sacred and inviolable.
  2. The New Federal State of China will endeavor to promote permanent peaceful relationships and seek common development with people all over the world.
  3. Legislation must be enacted that guarantees educational opportunities, retirement pensions, and health care — which are basic needs for the welfare of the people. Education plays a vital role in a country’s progress, thus we must strive to: expand investment in the overall education system, draws valuable lessons and practices from the West, respect teachers at all levels, and ensure education is compulsory and non-discriminatory.
  4. Protections for natural environments and animal habitats so that all life can coexist harmoniously.
  5. Regarding relationships with Hong Kong, Macao, Tibet and other regions — the New Federal State of China should promulgate a Special Autonomy Ordinance as soon as possible, and strictly enforce the rules. Taiwan should remain in its current status and enjoy expanded trade and steady development, while achieving common prosperity with the New Federal State of China and other regions.
  6. Confiscate and recover all assets that were plundered by kleptocrats within the Chinese Communist Party, and return the wealth to the Chinese people(7).
  7. Grant amnesty to all prisoners after the establishment of the New Federal State of China, except for criminals who have committed capital murder or crimes against humanity.

The Commitment of the Himalaya Supervisory Organization
At the time of the announcement of the establishment of the New Federal State of China, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization hereby solemnly pledges: in view of the fact that the CCP still holds the state power to exercise various methods of extreme control over the people, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization will make all preparations for the formation of the New Federal State of China with outreach efforts. It will actively liaise with various countries, political parties, associations and international friends supporting the establishment of the New Federal State of China and coordinate relationships between the interim government. It will guide and assist the preparation of the new government, and ensure the smooth, effective, and steady progress of the preparation of the New Federal State of China.

The Himalaya Supervisory Organization will collaborate with international supervisory organizations to oversee the operations of the New Federal State of China according to law. The Himalaya Supervisory Organization complies with both international law and laws made by the New Federal State of China and accepts strict supervision from relevant international legal institutions.

Sponsors and Formulators of the Declaration
Global fellow supporters of Whistleblower’s Movement
The Himalaya Supervisory Organization
Chairman of Rule of Law Foundation -- Mr. Kyle·Bass
Chairman of Rule of Law Society -- Mr. Stephen K·Bannon
Leader of Whistleblower’ s Movement & Founder of Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society Mr. Miles Guo (Guo, Wengui)
June 4th, 2020

♥ Déclaration de l’État Fédéral de Nouvelle ChineIntroduction


Le Mouvement des lanceurs d’alerte nous réunit. Nous nous évertuons à la justice, la démocratie et la liberté pour une nouvelle Chine. Cette dignité commune nous conduit à la fondation d’ une alliance de supervision, qui porte désormais son nom Alliance Himalaya. Depuis trois ans, le Mouvement des lanceurs d’ alerte lancé par M. Miles Kwok, M. Steven Bannon ainsi que des milliers de frères d’ armes réussit à dévoiler la nature de Parti Communiste Chinois (désormais PCC) étant en réalité un régime illégal et maléfique devant tout le peuple chinois et toute la communauté internationale. L'Alliance Himalaya est une communauté populaire dont l'association des membres respecte strictement la volonté de chacun. Elle ne possède aucune entité politique. Tout comme Rule of Law Fondation et Rule of Law Society, elle bénéficie l’ admission de la communauté internationale et le droit international public. L’ Alliance Himalaya représentera la passerelle qui relie la communauté internationale au futur l’ État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine, qui va bientôt voir le jour, et qui va participer à la coopération internationale à l’égard de la défense de la liberté du peuple, l’assurance des biens privatifs et la communication encadrée par le sentiment de considération mutuel avec de différents personnages en vue d’une synergie de développement.

La justice nous importe d’éradiquer le PCC
Le PCC est une organisation terroriste qui réussit à renverser le pouvoir légitime de Chine à l’ aide des capitaux apportés par l’ Internationale Communiste. L’ autorité dictatoriale du PCC fait l’ objet d’ un crime contre l’ humanité : violation de droit de l’ homme, négligence de la dignité humaine, outrage de la démocratie, transgression de la loi, infraction des traités, massacre à Hong Kong, corruption à grande échelle, ainsi que nuisance à la paix mondiale. De nos jours, ce pouvoir absolu déclenche même une guerre biologique contre tous les pays étant dans leur état libre avec le PCC-virus (le coronavirus), afin de pouvoir menacer la santé et la vie de toute l’ humanité. Tous les délits extrêmes qu’ il commet peuvent en aucun cas recevoir la grâce.
Éradiquer le PCC est une nécessité d’ abîmer la cangue du peuple chinois et de rétablir essentiellement la paix du monde. L’ État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine sans le PCC répond conformément à la demand solennelle de tout le peuple chinois et du monde entier quant à leur prospérité.

Perspectives de l’État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine
Il est recommandé que l’ État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine se réfère aux systèmes démocratiques en Occident et aux lois internationales, sous la supervision conjointe de la communauté internationale et de l'Alliance Himalaya, afin de légiférer sa propre loi fondamentale et d’ assurer la séparation des pouvoirs. Aussi, la composition de gouvernement doit être le fruit d’ une élection dans laquelle chaque citoyen se réjouit de leur droit de vote (“Une personne, une voix”). Le système électoral et la procédure de destitution doivent coexister et fonctionner de manière efficace à l’ intention d’ éviter de graves émeutes sociales et des catastrophes d'origine humaine.
La nouvelle loi constitutionnelle doit contenir les sujets ci-dessous :

  1. Devise nationale : Droits de l'homme, Justice, Laïcité, Liberté d'expression, Jouissance de bien privatif.
  2. Bonne entente entre l’État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine et les peuples du monde en vue d’ un développement commun.
  3. Promulgation des lois qui assurent les premières nécessités de la vie citoyenne consistant en éducation, allocations et aides aux personnes âgées et services hospitaliers ; reconnaissance à la valeur de l’éducation et de l’ enseignement à l’ instar des principes fondamentaux de l’ État ; hausse importante des subventions à l’ éducation ; didactisation des savoir-faire occidentaux en faveur des enseignements en Nouvelle Chine ; grand respect envers non seulement les enseignants et leurs activités enseignantes, mais aussi les apprenants quiconques issus des classes sociales quelconques.
  4. Protection de la nature et de la biodiversité, ainsi qu’ une cohabitation harmonieuse avec tous les espèces d’un écosystème.
  5. Vu les affaires étatiques de l’ État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine avec Hong Kong, Macao et Tibet, la proclamation etl’ exécution respective des traités spécifiques à l’ égard de leur statut autonome doivent avoir lieu dans l’ immédiat avec rigueur. Quant à Taiwan, les mesures actuelles sont à maintenir en vue d’ une modération de développement en commun de commerce et de prospérité.
  6. Saisie et poursuites des biens privés par le PCC et les kleptocrates suivies d’une restitution en faveur du peuple
  7. Mise en oeuvre de l'amnistie, à l'exception des homicides criminels graves et des crimes contre l'humanité peu après la fondation de l’État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine.

Engagement de l'Alliance Himalaya
Au moment de la première annonce solennelle de l’ État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine, l'Alliance Himalaya s'engage par la présente : à toute préparation et à toute communication requises pour la composition de son gouvernement dans le contexte où le PCC prend encore le pouvoir en otage, et règne de manière excessive le peuple avec un recul crucial de la civilisation. L’ Alliance Himalaya s’ apprête à établir, dans le monde entier, des contacts avec non seulement les pays, les partis politiques, les organismes, mais aussi celles et ceux qui veulent
soutenir l’ établissement de l’ État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine. En même temps, l’ Alliance Himalaya assume son rôle de coordinateur dans les échanges entre le nouveau gouvernement à titre provisoire et ces entités. Ainsi, elle va à la fois guider la phase préparatoire de la fondation, y fournir ses aides tout en assurant la fluidité de déroulement et rendre ce processus optimal. Finalement, l’ Alliance Himalaya va coordonner avec les instances d’ observation internationales afin de superviser la légitimité des exécutions du gouvernement de l’ État Fédéral de Nouvelle Chine. L'Alliance Himalaya se conforme en parallèle au droit international public, ainsi qu’ à toute loi du nouveau gouvernement. Elle fait l’ objet des supervisions de la part des organismes compétents à l’échelle internationale.

Initiateurs et rédacteurs de Déclaration
Compagnons d’armes par milliers
L’Alliance Himalaya
Président de Rule of Law Foundation : M. Kyle Bass
Président de Rule of Law Society : M. Steve Bannon
Initiateur du Mouvement des lanceurs d’alerte
Fondateur de Rule of Law Foundation, Fondateur de Rule of Law Society: M. Guo Wengui
4 Juin 2020

♥ Declaración del Estado Federal de Nueva China

Formamos la Organización de Supervisión de Himalaya para la realización del estado de derecho, la democracia y la libertad en la Nueva China(1)por la "Movimiento de Denunciantes”. En los últimos tres años, la campaña de "Movimiento de Denunciantes" lanzada por Sr. Miles Guo y Sr. Stephen K.Bannon ha expuesto la naturaleza malvada e ilegal, como también el comportamiento engañoso del Partido Comunista Chino(2))(el PCC) al pueblo chino y la comunidad internacional. La Organización de Supervisión de Himalaya se forma voluntariamente por los participantes y los seguidores del Movimiento de Denunciantes, sin ninguna relación con entidades políticas. Al igual que la Fundación del Estado de Derecho y la Sociedad del Estado de Derecho(3), Servirá como un puente de comunicaciones entre el Estado Federal de Nueva China(4)y las comunidades internacionales en áreas de cooperación, defendiendo la libertad de las personas y protegiendo la seguridad de los activos sobre la base del desarrollo común y el respeto mutuo entre las personas de todo el mundo.

Eliminar el PCC es una necesidad de justicia
El PCC es una organización terrorista financiada por la Comunista Internacional que subvirtió al gobierno legítimo de China. Su gobierno totalitario en China se ha convertido en una atrocidad inhumana: el incumplimiento de los derechos humanos, la destrucción de la naturaleza humana, el pisoteo de la democracia, la violación del estado de derecho, la ruptura de contratos, el lavado de sangre en Hong Kong, los asesinatos de tibetanos, exportación de corrupción, poner en peligro al mundo, y lanzar un ataque bioquímico en contra de las naciones libres con el PCC Virus (Nuevo Coronavirus) hoy, amenazando seriamente la salud y la supervivencia humana. Sus pecados van más allá de la razón.
La eliminación del PCC es esencial para romper las cadenas de la esclavitud del pueblo chino y para lograr la paz mundial. El Estado Federal de Nueva China, libre del PCC, es necesaria para la prosperidad y el bienestar de las personas y del mundo.

La visión del Estado Federal de Nueva China
Se sugiere que el Estado Federal de Nueva China elabore una Constitución en referencia a los sistemas democráticos y legales de Occidente, y cualquier ley internacional relevante. Debe llevarse a cabo bajo la supervisión de instituciones internacionales y la Organización de Supervisión de Himalaya. Los organismos gubernamentales se establecerán de acuerdo con el principio de "una persona, un voto" y la separación del poder ejecutivo, los órganos legislativos y los sistemas judiciales(5)). Debería establecerse un sistema electoral y de juicio político en coexistencia para garantizar la eficiencia de las operaciones y evitar el caos social y los desastres provocados por el gobierno del hombre.
La nueva Constitución(6)incluirá las siguientes protecciones:

  1. Valores Nacionales: los derechos humanos, estado de derecho, libertad de religión, libertad de expresión y derechos de propiedad privada que son sagrados e inviolables.
  2. El Estado Federal de Nueva China se esforzará por promover relaciones pacíficas permanentes y buscar el desarrollo común con personas de todo el mundo.
  3. Se debe promulgar una legislación que garantice las oportunidades de educación, las pensiones de jubilación y la atención de la salud, que son necesidades básicas para el bienestar del pueblo. La educación desempeña un papel vital en el progreso de un país, por lo tanto, debemos esforzarnos porampliar la inversión en el sistema educativo general, extraer lecciones y prácticas valiosas de Occidente, respetar a los maestros en todos los niveles y garantizar que la educación sea obligatoria y no discriminatoria.
  4. Protección de los entornos naturales y los hábitats de los animales para que toda la vida pueda coexistir armoniosamente.
  5. Con el respecto a las relaciones con Hong Kong, Macao, Tíbet y otras regiones - el Estado Federal de Nueva China debe promulgar una Ordenanza de Autonomía Especial lo antes posible, y cumplir estrictamente las normas. Taiwán debe permanecer en su situación actual y disfrutar de un comercio ampliado y un desarrollo constante, al tiempo que logra la prosperidad común con el Estado Federal de Nueva China y otras regiones.
  6. Confiscar y recuperar todos los activos que fueron saqueados por los cleptócratas dentro del Partido Comunista Chino, y devolver la riqueza al pueblo chino(7)
  7. Conceder la amnistía a todos los prisioneros después del establecimiento del Estado Federal de Nueva China, excepto a los criminales que han cometido asesinatos capitales o crímenes contra la humanidad

El compromiso de la Organización de
Supervisión de Himalaya En el momento del anuncio del establecimiento del Estado Federal de Nueva China, la Organización de Supervisión de Himalaya se compromete solemnemente: envista del hecho de que el PCC aún tiene el poder del estado para ejercer varios métodos de control extremo sobre la gente, la Organización de Supervisión de Himalaya hará todos los preparativos para la formación del Estado Federal de Nueva China con esfuerzos de divulgación. Se mantendrá en contacto activo con varios países, partidos políticos, asociaciones y amigos internacionales que apoyan el establecimiento del Estado Federal de Nueva China y coordinará las relaciones entre el gobierno interino. Guiará y ayudará a la preparación del nuevo gobierno, y garantizará el progreso suave, efectivo y constante de la preparación del Estado Federal de Nueva China.
La Organización de Supervisión de Himalaya colaborará con las organizaciones internacionales de supervisión para supervisarlas operaciones del Estado Federal de Nueva China de acuerdo con la ley. La Organización de Supervisión de Himalaya cumple con el derecho internacional y las leyes hechas por el Estado Federal de Nueva China y acepta la estricta supervisión de las instituciones legales internacionales relevantes.

Patrocinadores y Formuladores de la Declaración
Miles de millones compañeros guerreros globales del Movimiento de Denunciantes.
La Organización de Supervisión de Himalaya Presidente de la Fundación del Estado de Derecho - Sr. J.Kyle Bass
Presidente de la Sociedad del Estado de Derecho - Sr. Stephen K.Bannon
Líder del Movimiento de Denunciantes y Fundador de la Fundación del Estado de Derecho y la Sociedad del Estado de Derecho.Sr. Miles Guo (Guo, Wengui)
El 4 de junio de 2020

♥ Die Erklärung des neuen Bundesstaates Chinas

Es ist die Whistleblower-Bewegung, die uns zusammengebracht hat! Um Rechtsstaatlichkeit, Demokratie und Freiheit im neuen Bundesstaat Chinas zu verwirklichen, haben wir die Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation (Himalaya Supervisory Organisation) gegründet(1). In den letzten drei Jahren hat die Whistleblower-Bewegung unter der Führung von Miles Kwok (Guo Wengui) und Stephen K. Bannon die Illegitimität und die wahrhaft teuflische Beschaffenheit bzw. das betrügerische Verhalten der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas(2)(KPCh) und ihre Täuschungen aufgedeckt. Die Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation ist eine freiwillige Nichtregierungsorganisation ohne jegliche politische Zugehörigkeit. Sie wird von der internationalen Gemeinschaft anerkannt und zusammen mit der Stiftung für Rechtsstaatlichkeit (the Rule of Law Foundation) und der Gesellschaft für Rechtsstaatlichkeit (the Rule of Law Society)(3), durch das Völkerrecht geschützt. Er wird als Kommunikationsbrücke zwischen dem neuen Bundesstaat Chinas(4)und den internationalen Gemeinschaften in den Bereichen Zusammenarbeit, Verteidigung der Freiheit und den Schutz der Sicherheit von Vermögenswerten auf der Grundlage gemeinsamer Entwicklung und gegenseitigen Respekt der Menschen in der ganzen Welt.

Die Beseitigung der KPCh ist ein Bedürfnis nach Gerechtigkeit

Die Kommunistische Partei Chinas (KPCh) ist eine von der Kommunistischen Internationale finanzierte Terrororganisation, die in der Vergangenheit die rechtmäßige chinesische Regierung untergraben hat. Die totalitäre Herrschaft in China hat entsetzliche Gräueltaten gegen die Menschlichkeit, die totale Missachtung der Menschenrechte, die Zerstörung der Menschlichkeit verursacht, die Demokratie mit Füßen getreten, die Rechtsstaatlichkeit verletzt, rechtmäßige Vereinbarungen missachtet, großes Blutvergießen in Hongkong verursacht und die Korruption in die ganze Welt exportiert. Kürzlich löste sie mit dem CCP-Virus (dem Coronavirus) einen biologischen Angriff auf die freien Länder der Welt aus, das eine ernsthafte Bedrohung für die Gesundheit und das Überleben aller Menschen darstellt. Die Verbrechen, die es begangen hat, sind zu abscheulich, um toleriert zu werden! Die Beseitigung der KPCh ist notwendig, um die Sklavenketten des chinesischen Volkes zu brechen und Weltfrieden wirklich zu realisieren. Der neue Bundesstaat Chinas ohne KPCh ist notwendig für den Wohlstand aller Menschen und der Welt.

Visionen des neuen Bundesstaates Chinas

Es wird vorgeschlagen, dass sich der neue Bundesstaat Chinas auf das westliche System demokratischer Rechtsstaatlichkeit und das entsprechende Völkerrecht bezieht und unter der gemeinsamen Aufsicht internationaler Institutionen und der Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation eine Verfassung formuliert und ein System nach der Trennung von Exekutive, Legislative und Justizsysteme einrichtet. Die neue Regierung wird durch „eine Person, eine Stimme“ gewählt (5)). Ein Wahl- und Amtsenthebungssystem sollte in Koexistenz eingerichtet werden, um die Effizienz der Operationen zu gewährleisten und so ein erhebliches soziales Chaos und Katastrophen zu vermeiden, die durch die Herrschaft des Menschen verursacht werden.
Die neue Verfassung(6)wird die folgenden Schutzbestimmungen enthalten:

  1. Volksgeist: Menschenrechte, Rechtsstaatlichkeit, Religionsfreiheit, Redefreiheit und Rechte des Privateigentum, die heilig und unantastbar sind.
  2. Der neue Bundesstaat Chinas wird sich bemühen, dauerhafte friedliche Beziehungen zu fördern und eine gemeinsame Entwicklung mit Menschen in aller Welt anzustreben.
  3. Es muss eine Gesetzgebung erlassen werden, die Bildungschancen, Altersrenten und Gesundheitsfürsorge - die Grundbedürfnisse für das Wohlergehen der Menschen - garantiert. Die Bildung spielt eine entscheidende Rolle für den Fortschritt eines Landes, daher müssen wir danach streben, die Investitionen in das gesamte Bildungssystem auszuweiten, wertvolle Lehren und Praktiken aus dem Westen zu übernehmen, Lehrer auf allen Ebenen zu respektieren und sicherzustellen, dass die Bildung obligatorisch und nicht diskriminierend ist.
  4. Die Natur und die Tierökologie werden geschützt, und alles wird in Harmonie leben.
  5. Was die Beziehungen zu Hongkong, Macao, Tibet und anderen Regionen betrifft - das neue Bundesstaat Chinas sollte so bald wie möglich eine besondere Autonomievorschrifte erlassen und die Regeln strikt durchsetzen. Taiwan sollte in seinem gegenwärtigen Status verbleiben, und sich eines ausgedehnten Handels und einer stetigen Entwicklung erfreuen, und gleichzeitig gemeinsamen Wohlstand mit dem Neuen Bundesstaat Chinas und anderen Regionen erreichen.
  6. Beschlagnahme und Einziehung aller Vermögenswerte, die geplündert wurden durch Kleptokraten innerhalb der Kommunistischen Partei Chinas (7)und die Rückgabe des Reichtums an das chinesische Volk .
  7. Gewährung einer Amnestie für alle Gefangenen nach der Einrichtung des neuen Bundesstaates China, mit Ausnahme von Kriminellen, die Kapitalmorde oder Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit begangen haben.

Die Mission der Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation

Zum Zeitpunkt der Gründung des neuen Bundesstaates China verpflichtet sich die Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation hiermit feierlich: Angesichts der Tatsache, dass die KPCh immer noch die staatliche Macht besitzt, verschiedene extreme Kontrollen über das Volk ausübt, wird die Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation alle Vorbereitungen für die Bildung des neuen Bundesstaates Chinas mit aufsuchenden Bemühungen treffen. Sie wird aktiv mit verschiedenen Ländern, politischen Parteien, Verbänden und internationalen Freunden, die die Gründung des neuen Bundesstaates China unterstützen, in Verbindung stehen und die Beziehungen zwischen der Übergangsregierung koordinieren. Führen und garantieren Sie die reibungslose und effektive Vorbereitung der neuen Regierung. Sie wird die Vorbereitung der neuen Regierung anleiten undunterstützen und den reibungslosen, wirksamen und stetigen Fortschritt bei der Vorbereitung des neuen Bundesstaates Chinas gewährleisten.
Die Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation wird mit internationalen Überwachungsorganisationen zusammenarbeiten, um die Operationen des Neuen Bundesstaates Chinas gesetzeskonform zu überwachen. Die Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation hält sich sowohl an das Völkerrecht als auch an die vom neuen Bundesstaat Chinas erlassenen Gesetze und akzeptiert eine strenge Überwachung durch die einschlägigen internationalen Rechtsinstitutionen.

Förderer und Formulierer der Erklärung
Globale Mitunterstützer der Whistleblower-Bewegung(Whistleblower’s Movement)
Himalaya-Überwachungsorganisation(The Himalaya Supervisory Organisation)
Vorsitzender der Stiftung für Rechtsstaatlichkeit(Rule of Law Foundation)-- Herr Kyle Bass
Vorsitzender der Gesellschaft für Rechtsstaatlichkeit(Rule of Law Society)-- Herr Stephen K. Bannon
Leiter der Whistleblower-Bewegung & Gründer der Stiftung für Rechtsstaatlichkeit und der Gesellschaft für Rechtsstaatlichkeit Herr Miles Kwok (Guo, Wengui)
4. Juni 2020

♥ Манифест Новой Китайской Федерации

Мы сформировали Гималайский Надзорный Орган для реализации верховенства закона, демократии и свободы в Новом Китае из-за революции разоблачения. За последние три года кампания «революция разоблачения», начатая господином Го Вэньгуем, господином Стивеном Бэнноном и сотнями миллионов единомышленников, разоблачила незаконную и злую природу и обманные действия Коммунистической партии Китая(2)(КПК) перед китайским народом и международным сообществом. Гималайский Надзорный Орган формируется добровольно, и в нем нет групп гражданского общества с политическими образованиями. Подобно Фонду Верховенства права (Rule of Law Foundation) и Ассоциация Верховенства права (Rule of Law Society)(3), он признан международным сообществом и защищен международным правом, это Новая Китайская федерация (4)которая сотрудничает с международным сообществом в защите свобод людей, гарантирует богатство и безопасность, сотрудничает с людьми со всего мира, строит коммуникационный мост взаимного уважения и общего развития.

Ликвидация КПК - это необходимость справедливости

КПК - это террористическая организация, финансируемая Коммунистическим Интернационалом, которая подрывает законное правительство Китая. Ее тоталитарное правление в Китае превратилось в полное бесчеловечное злодеяние: пренебрежение правами человека, разрушение человечества, попирание демократии, нарушение верховенства закона, разрыв договоров, кровавая бойня Гонконга, убийство тибетцев, коррупция, нанесение вреда миру и даже использование вируса КПК (коронавирус COVID-19), чтобы начать биохимическую атаку на мир, серьезно угрожая здоровью и выживанию людей. Это злодеяние достигает предела, это плохой поступок, который трудно простить!
Ликвидация КПК необходима, чтобы разорвать рабские цепи китайского народа и действительно достичь мира во всем мире. Новая Китайская Федерация без Коммунистической партии необходима для процветания китайского народа и всего мира.

Видение Новой Китайской Федерации

Рекомендуется, чтобы новая китайская федерация ссылалась на западную систему демократического верховенства права и соответствующего международного права, а также под совместным контролем международных институтов и надзорного органа Гималаев сформулировала конституцию, создала систему разделения властей и создала новое правительство «один человек, один голос» (5)).Системы выборов и импичмента сосуществуют иработают эффективно, избегая огромных социальных волнений и техногенных катастроф. Новая конституция(6)содержит следующее:

  1. Национальный дух: права человека, верховенство закона, свобода вероисповедания, свобода слова и частная собственность являются священными и неприкосновенными.
  2. Новая Китайская Федерация будет стремиться к постоянным мирным отношениям и стремиться к совместному развитию с людьми во всем мире.
  3. Образование, пенсии и медицинское обслуживание являются основными потребностями народа и должны быть гарантированы законодательством. Образование является основой страны. Расширение инвестиции в образование, извлечение ценных уроков и практики запада; уважать учителей на всех уровнях и обеспечивать обязательное и недискриминационное образование.
  4. Защита природной среды и среды обитания животных, чтобы вся жизнь могла гармонично сосуществовать.
  5. Для Гонконга, Макао, Тибета и других регинов, Новая Китайская Федерация должна незамедлительно принять специальные постановлений об автономии, и строго соблюдать их. Тайвань продолжает пользоваться своим нынешним политическим статусом и системой, расширение торговли, устойчивое развитие и общее процветание.
  6. Конфисковать и вернуть имущество, разграбленное КПК(7)и вернуть богаства народу.
  7. После создания Новой Китайской Федерации будет объявлена амнистия, за исключением серьезных уголовных преступников и преступников против человечества.

Обязательства Гималайского надзорного органа

После объявления о создании Новой Китайской Федерации Гималайский надзорный орган настоящим торжественно обязуется: Ввиду того факта, что КПК по-прежнему обладает государственной властью для осуществления чрезвычайного контроля над людьми, этот орган будет проводить все подготовительные и пропагандистские работы для создания нового правительства. Активно связываться со всеми странами, политическими партиями, ассоциациями и международными друзьями, которые поддерживают подготовку нового правительства, и координировать отношения переходного правительства с ними. Направлять и гарантировать беспрепятственный и эффективный ход подготовительной работы нового правительства. Гималайский надзорный орган всегда будет контролировать деятельность нового правительства в соответствии с законом международного правового надзорного органа, и в то же время соблюдать международные законы и новые правительственные законы и принимать строгий надзор со стороны соответствующих международных правовых органов.

Учредители и инициаторы Манифеста
Миллиарды соратников по всему миру Председатель Rule of Law Foundation - господин Кайл Басс
Президент Rule of Law Society - господин Стивен Бэннон
Основатели революционных новостей, Rule of Law Foundation, Rule of Law Society Господин Го Вэньгуй
4 июня 2020 г.


Det er” Whistleblower bevægelsen der har bragt os sammen! For at opnå retsstatsprincippet, demokrati, og frihed i den Nye Kinesiske Føderation så har vi grundlagt Himalaya Tilsynsorganisation (Himalaya Supervisory Organization)(1)Gennem de sidste tre år har Whistleblower bevægelsen, ledet af Hr. Miles Guo og Hr. Stephen K. Bannon, afsløret Kinas Kommunistiske Partis(KKP)(2)illegitimitet og sande onde natur og dets bedrag. Himalaya Tilsynsorganisation er en frivillig ikke statslig organisation uden nogen form for politiske tilhørsf orhold. Organisationen er anerkendt af det internationale samfund og beskyttet under International Lov samt ’Rule of Law Foundation’ og ’Rule of Law Society'(3), Dets formål er at agere som en kommunikationsbro mellem d en Nye Kinesiske Føderation(4)og intern ationale samfund på områder såsom samarbejde, bevarelse af folks frihed, og beskyttelse af aktiver på basis af almen udvikling og gensidig respekt blandt folk verden over.

Vores Mission om at Vælte KKP

Kinas Kommunistiske Parti er en terrorist organisation finansieret af Komintern, der før har undermineret den legitime kinesiske regering. Det totalitære styre i Kina har forårsaget forfærdelige grusomheder mod menneskeheden, en ligegyldighed overfor menneskerettigheder, destruktion af menneskeheden, trampet over demokrati, overtrådt retsstatsprincippet, vanæret lovgyldige aftaler, forårsaget stor blodsudgydelse i Hong Kong, og eksporteret korruption verden over. For nylig frigjorde KKP et biologisk angreb på de frie lande i verden med KKP Virus (COVID 19), hv ilket udgør en alvorlig trussel på alle menneskers helbred samt overlevelse. De forbrydelser KKP har begået er alt for afskyelige til at blive tolereret!
Eliminationen af Kinas Kommunist Parti er essentiel for at bryde lænkerne af slaveri pålagt det kinesi ske folk, samt for at bringe fred til verden. Den Nye Kinesiske Føderation som et land uden Kinas Kommunist Parti, vil være i stand til at opfylde det kinesiske folks behov samt sikre verdens velstand.

Visionen om den Nye Kinesiske Føderation

Det er ble vet foreslået at den Nye Kinesiske Føderation burde formulere en forfatning med reference til vestens demokrati og juridiske systemer og andre relevante internationale love(4)Det burde gennemføres under opsyn af internationale institutioner og Himalaya Tilsynsorganisation. Regeringsorganer vil blive opført ifølge ’én person, én stemme’ princippet(5). samt adskillelsen af den udøvende, lovgivende og dømmende magt. Der bør oprettes et valg og forfalskningssystem i sameksistens for at sikre operationerne s effektivitet for at undgå betydelig social kaos og katastrofer, som følger af menneskets styre.
Dennye forfatning(6)vil inkludere følgende beskyttelse:

  1. Menneskerettigheder, retsstatsprincippet, religionsfrihed, ytringsfrihed og private ejendomsrettigheder, som er hellige og ukrænkelige.
  2. Den Nye Kinesiske Føderation vil bestræbe sig på at fremme permanente fredelige forhold og søge fælles udvikling med mennesker over hele verden.
  3. Der skal vedtages lovgivning, der garanterer uddannelsesmuligheder, pension og sundhedspleje som er grundlæggende behov for folks velfærd. Uddannelse spiller envigtig rolle i et lands fremskridt, og derfor må vi stræbe efter at: udvide investeringerne i det samlede uddannelsessystem, trække værdifulde lektioner og praksis fra vesten, respektere lærere på alle niveauer og sikr e, at uddannelse er obligatorisk og ikke diskriminerende.
  4. Beskyttelse af naturlige miljøer og dyrehabitater, så alt liv kan sameksistere i harmoni.
  5. Hvad angår forholdet til Hong Kong, Macao, Tibet og andre regioner bør den Nye Kinesiske Føderation offentliggøre en særlig autonomiforordning så hurtigt som muligt, og strengt håndhæve reglerne. Taiwan bør forblive i sin nuværende status og nyde en udvidet handel og stabil udvikling, samtidig med at det opnår fælles velstand m ed den Nye Kinesiske Føderation og andre regioner.
  6. Konfiskere og inddrive alle aktiver, der blev plyndret af kl eptokrater inden for Kinas Kommunistiske Parti og returnere rigdommene til det kinesiske folk
  7. Give amnesti til alle fanger efter oprettelsen af den nye føderale stat i Kina, undtagen kriminelle, der har begået kapitalmord eller forbrydelse mod menneskeheden.

Himalaya Tilsynsorganisations Mission

På tidspunktet for meddelelsen om oprettelsen af den Nye Kinesiske Føderation svæger Himalaya Tilsynsorganisation hermed højtideligt: i betragtning af, at KKP stadig har statsmagten til at udøve forskellige metoder til ekstrem kontrol over folket, vil Himalaya Tilsynsorganisation forberede sig på dannelsen af den Nye Kinesiske Føderation med opsøgende indsats. Organisationen vil aktivt samarbejde med forskellige lande, politiske partier, foreninger og internationale venner, de r støtter oprettelsen af den Nye Kinesiske Føderation og koordinere forholdet mellem den midlertidige regering. Organisationen vil vejlede og hjælpe med forberedelsen af den nye regering og sikre en glat, effektiv og stabil fremgang med forberedelsen af d en Nye Kinesiske Føderation
Himalaya Tilsynsorganisation vil samarbejde med internationale tilsynsorganisationer for at føre tilsyn med driften af den Nye Kinesiske Føderation i henhold til lovgivning. Himalaya Tilsynsorganisation overholder både intern ational lov og lovgivning foretaget af den Nye Kinesiske Føderation og accepterer streng kontrol fra relevante internationale juridiske institutioner.

Sponsorer og Formulatorer af Erklæringen

Globale støttere af Whistleblower bevægelsen Himalaya Tilsynsor ganisation Formand
Formand for ’Rule of Law Foundation’ Hr. Kyle Bass
Formand for ‘Rule of Law Society’ Hr. Stephen K. Bannon
Leder af “ bevægelsen grundlægger af ’Rule of Law Foundation’ og ’Rule of Law Society’ Hr. Miles Guo ( Wengui)
4 juni, 2020

♥ 新中国連邦宣言

我々は「爆料革命(政治スキャンダル摘発運動)」を理由に集結し、新中国の法治、民主、自由を実現するためにヒマラヤ監督機構 (1)を組織する。三年来、「爆料革命」は中国国民と国際社会に中国共産党(2)(中共)の非合法的で、邪悪的な本質と詐欺行為を暴露してきた。ヒマラヤ監督機構は自由意志に基づく、政治的実体を持たない民間団体である。「Rule of Law」や「Rule of Law Society」(3)と同様に、国際社会に認められ、国際法により保護されている組織である。当該組織は、新中国連邦(4)が,国際社会と協力すること,中国国民の自由を守ること、私的財産を保障することを支援する。また,世界各国の友人と互いに尊重し、共同発展の架け橋となる役割を果たして行く。

中共はコミンテルンに援助された中国合法政府を転覆 したテロ組織であり、中国における統治は、人権を無視し、人間性を損ない、民主主義を蹂躙し、法による政治に背を向け、公約違反、香港殺戮、チベット人虐殺、腐敗輸出、世界に危害を加えるといった非人道的な行為を行うという暴政を行っている。現在、中国中共ウイルス(新型コロナウイルス)を武器にし、世界各国に対し、生物兵器襲撃戦を発動し、全人類の健康と生存環境を脅かしている。中国中共の統治は、天罰を下されて然るべき極悪な犯罪行為である。

西側諸国の法治体系、及び関連国際法に鑑み、国際社会の関連する機構、及びヒマラヤ監督機構の共同監督の下、憲法を制定し、三権分立の政治体系を構築する。国民全員の投票 ( 一国民一票の選挙体制 ) により新政府(5)。(5) の選出を行う。選挙制度と並行し、弾劾制度を設け、社会的な動乱、及び人治による災難を回避する。

  1. 国家精神 : 法治国家として人権を尊重し、国民の信仰、及び言論の自由を保障する。私的財産権は神聖・不可侵のものとして認める。
  2. 新中国連邦政府は世界各国の人々と恒久的で平和的な共存共栄を図る。
  3. 教育、老後の暮らし、医療は、国民生活の根幹であり、法律によって保障されるべきである。教育は国の根本であり、教育への投資を拡大し、西側諸国の良いシステムを導入する。同時に、教育者を尊重し、教育に重きを置き、国民全員が平等に教育を受けられるようにする。
  4. 大自然と動物の生態系のみならず、万物の平和共存をはかる。
  5. 香港、マカオ、及びチベット等の地域に対し、新中国連邦政府は、特別自治区条例案を作成し、即時施行を行う。台湾に関しては、現状を維持した上で、貿易促進を通じ、安定的な発展及び共同繁栄を図る。
  6. 中共の国賊集団に窃取された財産(7)を奪還し、国民に返還する。
  7. 新中国連邦政府が設立された後、重度刑事犯、及び人道上の犯罪者を除き、全ての犯罪者を無罪放免とする。


たちRule of Law 基金主席:カイルバス
Rule of Law Society 基金主席:ス ティ ー ブ バ ノン
爆料革命、Rule of Law 基金、Rule of Low Society 基金発起人 郭 文貴

♥ 新中国联邦宣言




  1. 国家精神:人权,法治,信仰自由,言论自由和私有财产圣神不容侵犯。
  2. 追求与世界人民永久和平相处,共同发展。
  3. 教育,养老,医疗是民生基本需求,必须立法予以保障。教育是国之根本。扩大教育投资,西为中用;尊师重教,有教无类。
  4. 保护大自然与动物生态,外物和谐共生。
  5. 对于香港,澳门,西藏等地区,应立即颁布特别自治条例,并严格执行。对台湾则维持现状,扩大贸易,稳健发展,共同繁荣。
  6. 没收并追缴中共盗国贼集团掠夺的财产(7),还富于民。
  7. 新政府成立后实施大赦,严重刑事罪犯和反人类罪犯除外。



Appendix(notes and related documents)
(1) Himalaya Supervisory Organization

The founding principles of the Himalaya Supervisory Organization are defending the security, wealth, freedom and dignity of the Chinese people together with the international community, safeguarding the future of the Chinese people, and contributing to the peace of the New Federal State of China and the world in the next millennium. “Himalaya” stands for democracy, rule of law, and freedom.

Established on the same basis of the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization is a non-government organization that is substantial, legitimate, composed of designated personnel, and protected by international law. It will always serve as a third party to build a platform and bridge between the New Federal State of China without the Chinese Communist Party and the world to achieve everlasting peace, openness and transparency, compliance with law-binding rules, and open cooperation. It will also work closely with other countries in developing an ecosystem encompassing law, media, culture and finance, and will explore advanced internet technologies to increase transparency in the democratic system and reduce political and economic costs associated with its operation.

As a non-profit organization based overseas, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization will be bound by stringent regulations ratified jointly by the United States and the New Federal State of China government when elected, wherein penalty mechanisms will be established in order to guarantee a long lasting, effective, transparent and just supervision of the democracy, freedom, and rule of law in the New Federal State of China. Those from Himalaya Supervisory Organization who violate the clauses above will subject to the most severe punishment imposed by the new Chinese government, the United States government, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization, and other oversight organizations in accordance with law.

The June 4th Incident, also known as the Tiananmen Square massacre, is the most significant and far-reaching democratic movement and student movement in China's modern history. Therefore, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization chose June 4th, this special date, to solemnly proclaim the New Federal State of China declaration!

(2) The Evil Nature of the CCP

Since CCP became the ruling power of China in 1949, it has initiated several brutal political campaigns: land reform, suppression of counter-revolution, the Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, the One Child Policy and so on. In total, hundreds of millions of people died prematurely. What’ s more, they destroyed thousands of years of moral culture of Chinese tradition, destroyed China’ s upper classes, and destroyed the social foundations of the elites.

After the Tiananmen Square Massacre in the year of 1989, the CCP regime cheated the US and other western countries, eventually gaining their trust to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). They generated enormous amounts of wealth by selling and exploiting the cheap labor force of the Chinese people, causing heavy pollution, destroying the land, rivers, and lakes. Nevertheless, not only did the CCP fail to share their wealth with their own people, but it has been continuously and unscrupulously stealing national assets and wealth to transfer to overseas accounts of their countless illegitimate children, mistresses and proxies.

Defying rule of law and justice, the CCP has been running a false state, a mafia state, a police state, and a corrupted state. The CCP willfully and illegally plundered and confiscated the property of private entrepreneurs and caused countless wrongful convictions such as Nie Shubin; They also undermined their 50-year commitment to Hong Kong of ‘one country two systems’ , violently repressed, tortured and killed Hong Kong citizens who were defending freedom and democracy. They are ramping up their arms, threatening neighboring countries, and flexing their muscles. Furthermore, they have resorted to using unrestricted warfare by devethis deadly bio-weapon virus, covering up the truth and spreading the virus to over 180 countries around the world. Millions of people are infected, hundreds of thousands of lives are lost.

(3) Rule of Law Foundation, Rule of Law Society

Similar to many other charity organizations, the Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society are non-profit corporations set up to comply with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code §501 (c)(3) and §501 (c)(4). Since it is domiciled in New York State, it also exists under the supervision of the New York State Attorney General's office.

Vision: To ensure that the Chinese people live in a Federal State of New China under the rule of law, religious freedom, freedom of speech and private properties are protected permanently by law.

Mission: To expose corruption and illegal practices in China’ s political, legal, commercial and financial systems under Communist party rule. To supervise and expose all kinds of illegal activities that may take place in the commonwealth of new China.

Core Values: practice high ethical standards of integrity and accountability. To bring justice to the people of the New Federal State of China. To protect and assist individuals victimized in China, particularly those penalized for speaking out against injustice. To advocate for freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, and of religion. To protect private property and promote public oversight of government activities.

(4) The New Federal State of China
(5) The New Government
(6) The New Constitution

Under the supervision and advocacy of Himalaya Supervisory Organization, the New Federal State of China will be a land without CCP. The Chinese people will elect their ruling powers through the “One Person, One Vote” system.

  1. The new government will be elected by all Chinese citizens through a “One Person, One Vote” system. All citizens have the right to form political parties to take part in the election, any political party must be supported by at least one-third of the legitimate votes to be eligible to participate in the national level election. A new constitution and set of laws will be based on Western laws including the British “Common Law” and United States “Case Law”, and will be voted on by referendum. The Constitution and law will define and limit the government's rights and functions while simultaneously protecting citizens’ rights and interests. The new government accepts joint supervision of its citizens, Himalaya Supervisory Organization and legitimate international institutions.
  2. Establish a modern government with separation of powers. The executive branch, legislative bodies, and judicial systems are kept separate to ensure checks and balances. The government shall be elected through “One Person One Vote” and be free of control or manipulation by any political party or leader of any interest groups. The government’ s fiscal policy shall be open and transparent to the public and subject to supervision. Financial disclosure from government officials is mandatory.
  3. Reparations, by way of thorough investigations into unjust, false and arbitrary cases during the Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square Massacre, corruption during the anti-corruption movement as well as all other political movements. Compensate the victims by law. Return personal and corporate assets that have been confiscated illegally. Under international law and practices, grant amnesty for the Chinese Communist Party members and other prisoners (except those who are indicted with capital crimes and crimes against humanity). Set up trials for the kleptocrats. Retrieve and recover assets that have been taken by or transferred to all the former leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and their proxies and return them to the country and its people.
  4. Similar to the federated system of the United States, where the federal government holds the sovereignty of the States and all individual states enjoy full autonomy. In the new government, Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet shall enjoy solemn and independent autonomy under the federal government, while Taiwan shall be able to continuously enjoy its current political status and system. To further learn from British governance in Hong Kong before 1997, China will readopt aspects of open and free social environments and social management systems. Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet shall be able to enjoy all governmental jurisdiction except for national defense. On the basis of never changing the status quo with regard to Taiwan, the future new government and the people on both sides of the Taiwan straits will vote together to make the decision. This is to further ensure that the people of Hong Kong manage and administer Hong Kong, while the people of Taiwan manage and administer Taiwan, and the Tibetan people administer Tibet. The powers and authorities of those independent autonomous regions should be supervised jointly by their respective people, the new federal government, Himalaya Supervisory Organization, legitimate international organizations and institutions in order to avoid potential extreme separatists and warlords.
  5. Sign a “One Thousand Year Peace Treaty” with countries around the world based on equivalent, reciprocal, permanent and measurable principles. The new administration shall establish an organization on permanent peace, coexistence, and legally bound international corporation committees with the world’s civilized countries headed by the United States. The legal rights of the committee shall be confirmed by the Constitution of the countries, respectively, which permits the Committee the power of supervision and punishment for the new administration of China. The permanent peace treaty should cover elements of economy, finance, technology, culture, education, intellectual property, market reciprocity and resource mobilization.
  6. The new government upholds the spirit of openness, diversity, and embraces and encourages international cooperation. National security and sovereignty are exceptional, New China will permanently open to and exchange with the world under the premise of equality and freedom in the areas of government structure management, customs, education, culture, sports and media. Regardless of race, gender, age, nationality and beliefs, talents will have equal employment opportunity and can move freely across national boundaries to achieve reciprocal and mutually beneficial development with the world.
  7. Implement a self-defense oriented national defense policy. Unless attributed to the top-secret of national security, China's national defense must be completely open and transparent to the world, and become a military guarding force for a millennium of peace between China and the world. Work with most countries in the world, led by the United States, to establish a permanent peaceful defense mechanism that does not harm anyone, and establish long-term mutual trust and mutual supervision. The army must be independent of any political parties and politics, pledge allegiance only to the constitution and the country, and realize the nationalization of the military system. Replace the current compulsory military system with a professional soldier system. Under no circumstances should the military be allowed to participate in politics, warlord separatism, or the suppression of civilians for reasons such as martial law or violence control. All the offenders will be treated as military rebels and public enemies of the country, and the participants will be deprived of all economic, political and social rights. The federal government and local governments can carry out military strikes against rebel generals without authorization.
  8. To permanently remove the socialist system and public ownership of the economy. Protect the rights and interests of the people as stipulated by the law, including permanent ownership and property rights on real estate and lands, and the inviolability of private property.
  9. To protect citizens’ freedom of religion. Make legislation and regulation on practicing religion, preaching religion, and the separation of church and State. Prohibit the misuse of religion as means to serve the State, or to engage in fraudulent affairs with the purpose of acquiring wealth.
  10. To make legislation that guarantees citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, assembly, association and migration. Remove the household registration system (hukou) in a set time frame. Take down the Great Firewall and guarantee citizens’ freedom of information.
  11. To enact laws to protect the freedom of press. The media should not be subject to political interference and censorship. It should be a “ fourth power” that is independent of legislation, administration and justice system. Its power and freedom to report the truth and to supervise the government should be protected as stipulated by law. There should also be legislation that prohibits misleading or fabricated information shared by the media.
  12. To encourage the harmonious coexistence of people, nature, and its habitats. Legislation on environmental protection should be put in place to combat pollution and restore natural ecosystems. Apart from religious practice and ethnic customs, legislation should prohibit the consumption of protected animals and animals which are dear to humans, such as cats, dogs, monkeys, and certain other animals.
  13. Pursuing education is the foundation of building a country by inspiring people's wisdom, transforming society and promoting civilization. Respect teachers, tradition and embrace the future. Education is independent of politics and respects the law during its own development. By learning from the western advanced education model and using modern scientific and technological means, we can realize diversified investment in education, equal opportunity, emphasis on practice, public and free of charge and individual development. We will protect the independence of creation, freedom of expression and inclusiveness of the intellectual and cultural communities.
  14. To abolish the state owned and politically influenced sports system. Develop a new sports system that respects humanity, encourages healthy physical state, and inspires independent individual personality. Ensure that students are given sufficient time for sports, in order to build a solid physical foundation for diverse intelligence, resolved mind and overall development.
  15. Legislation to build a healthy and secure social system that protects vulnerable and minority groups, including safety and wellbeing of children and women, based on the rule of law recognized by international cooperative agencies. Abolish the One-child policy. Make legislation to severely punish trafficking women and children, as well as domestic violence. Ensure that the elderly, people with disabilities, veterans, and their families are provided with insurance, medical care and welfare by the State.
  16. Establish a federal medical insurance fund system that provides basic medical insurance for all citizens. Citizens at their own expense, are free to choose additional medical services outside of the basic medical treatment package.
  17. Legislation to combat fraudulent activities of any kind. Combating fraudulent and deceptive activities should be considered a priority in the new Constitution and the laws. Any fraudulent acts should be severely punished as a way to eradicate the sinister legacy from the CCP’ s principle of ruling by fakery. Fraudulent activity in news media, business products, and academia are forbidden. Propaganda based on false ideology should also be strictly forbidden.
  18. Encourage scientific and technological innovation. Encourage individuals, businesses, universities and research institutions to increase investment in technological innovation. The State should put in place laws that strictly regulate patent and intellectual property protections while punishing piracy and intellectual property theft.

(7) Recovering Assets Looted by the Chinese Communist Party

Chapter V (Asset Recovery), Articles 51-59 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) identifies asset recovery as the ‘basic principles’ of the Convention. The provisions on asset recovery will establish a framework in both civil and criminal law for tracking, freezing, confiscating and returning funds obtained through corrupt activities. In most cases, the requesting country will receive the recovered funds as long as it can prove a valid ownership. In some cases, funds may be returned directly to individual victims. If there are no other arrangements, the State Party may use the Convention itself as a legal basis. Article 54(1)(a) of the United Nation Convention against Corruption states each State Party (should)....... take the necessary measures to allow its authority to execute the confiscation order issued by the court of another country. In fact, Article 54(2) (a) of the Convention against Corruption also provides that the asset may be temporarily frozen or confiscated if there is substantial evidence to take such action before receiving a formal request.


🎵 Two Steps From Hell 云水禅心 太极 流星蝴蝶剑


First they came... Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten, 彼らが最初共産主義者を攻撃したとき 起初他們……
First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Kommunist.

Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.

Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert; ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.

Als sie die Juden holten,
habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Jude.

Als sie mich holten,
gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte.

ナチスが最初共産主義者を攻撃したとき、私は声をあげなかった 私は共産主義者ではなかったから
社会民主主義者が牢獄に入れられたとき、私は声をあげなかった 私は社会民主主義者ではなかったから
彼らが労働組合員たちを攻撃したとき、私は声をあげなかった 私は労働組合員ではなかったから
そして、彼らが私を攻撃したとき 私のために声をあげる者は、誰一人残っていなかった





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